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    LIVING IN AND AROUND BANGALORE ? CALL US @ +91 80502 00008 / +91 70221 98111 FOR SPECIAL PRICES


    Think about all the electronic devices at your home that make your life easier in one form or another. It could be devices that illuminate your room, cater to your entertainment needs or make sure you have the most relaxing bath in your jacuzzi by heating your water to the right temperature. Now think about being able to control all these devices with a single remote control.

    Home automation is the automatic control of electronic devices in your home. These devices are connected to the Internet, which allows them to be controlled remotely. For example, you can put your lights on schedules so that they turn off when you normally go to sleep, or you can have your thermostat turn the A/C up about an hour before you return to work so you don’t have to return to a stuffy house. Home automation makes life more convenient and can even save you money on heating, cooling and electricity bills. But since home automation is a relatively new technology, some people may find it
    overwhelming. Believe us, the process is much less complicated than it may seem.

    Benefits of automation
    Many people investigating home automation are at the point of decision. They have not yet
    opted in, but have a feeling there is something to this whole IoT. Home automation has gone
    from a luxury item, to a trend, and now to must-have technology. Being able to automate a series of regular home tasks and create an environment perfect for the task at hand whether it is using lighting to rise early or creating a distraction-free home office by using the video doorbell to answer the door, home automation conveniences mean increased productivity, and saved time.

    Is Home Automation Expensive?
    Home automation has for long been the exclusive domain of the ultra-rich. But we are at a stage where anyone can afford to have automated homes, customised according to their needs and budgets. The concept of automated homes has evolved from pressing buttons to open a door or turn on a light. Now it is more about securing your house and being able to remotely observe and control the space. As an add-on, automated homes tend to be much more energy efficient that conventional homes.

    There are two main factors that dictate the cost of automating your home - Size of the space and the products you choose. One can identify key areas within their residence that can greatly benefit with addition of automation and omit the unimportant regions. Step 2 would be to select products that cater well to your needs. The spectrum of home automation can be considered as a Smart Light Bulb with Amazon Alexa on one end to more sophisticated custom installed solutions from leading brands such as Control4 and Lutron. Consulting an automation expert to decipher your needs, with a few affluent add ons, will help with cost reduction and seamless integration.
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