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    LIVING IN AND AROUND BANGALORE ? CALL US @ +91 80502 00008 / +91 70221 98111 FOR SPECIAL PRICES
    Xgimi Halo vs Halo+

    Xgimi Halo vs Halo+

    When it comes to visuals, there isn’t much that is different between the two. Both measure 172X114X145 mm and weigh 1.6 Kg. The weight is at the limit of what we might consider acceptable for a portable projector, but given what the Halo and Halo+ have to offer, the slight bulk can be overlooked.

    Both the Halo and Halo+ have the same metal finish as well, with one minor difference, the Halo+ has an additional sensor on the front, which is used for automatic keystone distortion correction.


    What features do they have?

    It’s the automatic keystone correction that really sets the Halo+ apart from the Halo.Just lay the projector down, point it at a clear surface, and you’ll get a perfectly square and crisp image. It’s very convenient, because you can carry this projector anywhere and never have to worry about fiddling to get a clear image.

    With the standard Halo, you get autofocus, but the keystone correction is manual.


    What is the quality of the image?

    There are differences in image quality. While both have Full HD resolution, the Halo+ is slightly brighter at 900 Lumens. It doesn’t make a huge difference in general usage, and both spotlights are bright enough for daytime use if you close the curtains.

    Halo+ 's HDR10+ support makes the difference scale larger. When this option is enabled, HDR content looks more dynamic and detailed than on a regular Halo.


    How do they Sound?

    Both the Halo+ and Halo contain two 5W speakers from Harman/Kardon, and the speakers are loud enough for the projectors to be used without external speakers.

    The in-built speakers are good enough to have the projector be converted into a Bluetooth speaker when needed.


    Which one Should I buy?

    With the Halo+ being only Rs 21,000 more than the Halo, the extra features (HDR and Auto Keystone Correction) are worth the extra cost. That said, if you’re on tight budget and don’t have a need to move the projector around often, the Halo makes sense as an option as well

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