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    LIVING IN AND AROUND BANGALORE ? CALL US @ +91 80502 00008 / +91 70221 98111 FOR SPECIAL PRICES

    Ekinex 20Venti Series

    by Ekinex
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    20Venti Series

    New, minimalist, with strong distinctive features.

    20venti stands out for its functionalities highlighted by the new customisable buttons and for the technical features guaranteed by the KNX standard. The choice of materials is vast and ranges from Fenix NTM®, to metal and plastic.

    The evolution of style according to Ekinex

    Our designers, with a continuous and refined research,
    have designed a product conceived to enrich the environment.

    A series that brings with it a great innovation, expressed through RGB backlighting and the technical advantages, which will make 20venti a series, doomed to become an icon.

    Backlighting is one of the distinctive traits that enhances it and at the same time improves its ergonomic functionality, can be of two types: LED or text/symbols backlit.

    This characterises the 20venti series as bespoke, for it can be declined according to tastes and needs.

    Geometric shapes and balances

    The esthetical style of a product that decorates, characterized by harmonious lines, clean and essential, with accurate and harmonious volumes.

    The concept arises from the idea of transforming an object of daily use in a charming piece of interior design.

    A design that is not an end-in-itself, but empathic: beautiful indeed, yet functional and intuitive.

    Panel Thickness Variants 

    20venti Deep

    Insight, versatility and continuous growth. The 20venti series in its Deep version has those characteristics that facilitate the identification of the functions right from the very first use. The materials chosen for its finishes are plastic, metal and the nanotechnology Fenix NTM®.

    20venti Surface

    Essentiality and functionality in a single device. KNX technology combined with a wide range of finishes make the surface version of the 20venti series a contemporary solution that finds its ideal fit in home, office and hotel environments.


    Available in 3 different materials.
    Metal, brushed and painted aluminium,
    which creates a precious finish; obtained from
    a laborious processing with numeric controller’s machine. Fenix NTM
    ®, an innovative Nano-tech material, ultra-matt and soft touch,
    which combines refined aesthetic solutions
    with cutting-edge technology’s performances. Lastly, plastic, in its noblest version.