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    LIVING IN AND AROUND BANGALORE ? CALL US @ +91 80502 00008 / +91 70221 98111 FOR SPECIAL PRICES

    Marantz PM6007 - Stereo 90W Integrated Amplifier

    by Marantz
    Original Price Rs. 74,900.00
    Current Price Rs. 74,890.00

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    Enjoy enhanced audio quality with your favorite stereo pair of speakers and the black Marantz PM6007 Stereo 90W Integrated Amplifier. It outputs up to 45W per channel at 8 ohms and features a dedicated phono input among its five total stereo RCA inputs. A digital coaxial and two optical inputs are onboard, and the PM6007 employs an AK4490 digital-to-analog converter. The front headphone output allows for private listening.

    Current Feedback Amplifier

    This technology provides wide-bandwidth and high-speed sound reproduction and, in combination with the high-current power supply, holds a large energy reserve to drive demanding speakers. Thermal compensation helps avoid memory distortion for clean amplification under nearly any circumstances.

    Reference Quality D/A Conversion

    The PM6007 features Hi-Res D/A conversion. It uses the AK4490 D/A converter, which provides up to 192 kHz / 24-bit resolution for enhanced fidelity with your Hi-Res audio files.

    High-Current Power Supply

    The power supply supports high-current, high-speed Shottky barrier diodes and high-current storage capacitors fed by a toroidal transformer that work together to provide wide dynamic range and low impedance drive capability.

    Toroidal Transformer

    Toroidal transformers have several advantages over EI core transformers, including a more efficient design that delivers more power compared to an EI transformer of the same size. Its shape delivers low electromagnetic radiation and mechanical vibration for enhanced sound quality.

    HDAM-SA3 Technology

    HDAM-SA3 technology replaces standard ICs and consist of discrete surface mount components with short mirror-image L/R signal paths. These HDAMs (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules) do the same thing Op-amps, but are engineered to outperform them in terms of the slew rate and reduced noise for more dynamic, accurate, detailed sound. In the PM6007, the idling current stability of the HDAM-SA3 circuit is less influenced by power transistor temperatures to help maintain sound performance, even at high outputs.

    Digital Connectivity with Digital Filter

    One digital coaxial and two optical inputs are onboard to connect digital devices and play Hi-Res Audio (up to 192 kHz / 24-bit PCM). The digital section is shielded by an extra metal housing unit to help ensure that the digital stage has no effect on the analog signal. The two-mode digital filter (Filter 1 / Filter 2) allows for optimized reproduction of digital music via the DAC. Filter 1 is a slow roll-off preset that enhances deep stereo imaging, and Filter 2 is a sharp roll-off filter for more precise imaging.

    Subwoofer Output

    The PM6007 has a subwoofer output with a fixed low-pass cutoff frequency at 150 Hz, so you can enjoy accurate bass with virtually no audible peaks or dips, regardless of your subwoofer's placement.

    Integrated Phono Input

    The PM6007 uses a FET (Field-Effect Transistor) in the input stage to help deliver high input impedance, eliminating the need for AC coupling capacitors, simplifying the signal path, and lowering distortion and noise to augment overall signal purity.

    Additional Features

    • Copper screws and rigid feet
    • SA3 & SA2 HDAMs
    • Aluminum extrusion heat sink
    • Balance, bass, and treble controls
    • Marantz Musical Digital Filtering
    • Linear drive power supply
    • Linear volume control
    • Source Direct mode
    • Gold-plated RCA terminals
    • D-Bus
    • Auto power off
    • System remote function