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CALL US FOR THE BEST PRICE @ +91 80502 00008 / +91 70221 98111.

Martin Rush Blinder 1 WW

by Martin
Rs. 0.01


Static Warm White Led Wash / Blinder.

The RUSH BLINDER 1 WW is an ultra-bright quad-LED blinder fixture. The 2x2 blinder features a PAR array with four individually-controllable 100 watt COB warm white LEDs, providing high-intensity light for a variety of entertainment events. The unique frame on the RUSH BLINDER 1 WW offers the ability to attach multiple fixtures together in a grid pattern. With individually-controllable COBs, multiple units can be used to create pixel effects across a grid of fixtures, with on-board electronic dimming and strobe also available.

The fixture offers a wide 70° beam angle, with a combined 19,000+ lumens output from the fixture for truly brilliant effects. The rugged, lightweight construction and available brackets for floor or truss mounting make the RUSH BLINDER 1 WW ideal for live shows, TV events, stage, concerts, and nightclubs.

  • Ultra-bright 2x2 100W LED blinder with individually-controllable LEDs
  • Unique frame allows multiple fixtures to be mounted together
  • Wide 70° beam angle for broad coverage


  • 2x2 100W COB warm white LEDs
  • 19,000+ lumens output
  • Full pixel control of individual COBs
  • Unique frame offers grid installation
  • 70° beam angle
  • Electronic dimming and strobe
  • Brackets are available for floor or truss mounting
  • Lightweight construction (5 kg / 20.9 lbs.)